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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

My eBay work has exploded

Seller update right off the get go. Recent sourcing puts me at about 200 uncut sewing patterns to list for sale. I am progressing toward my 3,000 active listings goal. 

Pattern of the day is from 1994 Party Shoes by Pavelka Design Studio. It looks to be the same colorway as my Lava Lamp quilt fabric pull below.

Books are on a 40% off sale and there have been no bites. 🎣The small stack of books I had pending to list are being thrifted back. After the sales promotion ends, I will pull the rest of the books off my shelves. Cookbook sales were a pandemic blip. 

I sold my first item to a museum in Alabama - a Boy Scout uniform shirt with patches. It would be a kick if I sold an item as a movie prop! 

Quilting update: Fan Quilt 2024 is at the longarmer being quilted. I chose a dragonfly pattern in a purple thread. 

I am cutting fabric for the Lava Lamp quilt(s). I have more than enough fabric for 2, possibly 3 quilt tops. 

Plans for the summer include two weeks on the coast and then two weeks inland alternating for the next 4 months. I will reveal my home-away-from-home trailer setup for sewing projects. 

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