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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Why I Turned Off Comments To My Blog Posts

I have turned off comments to my posts. Random posts of mine kept creeping into the most popular blog posts. When I clicked on one of my Christmas eve posts from 2019, one comment was a string of language I could not read. 

Looking further into past comments, another post that kept popping up was from many years ago. On each of the comments, a small combination of letters and numbers were posted. That was it. Apparently, evil actors were posting those funky comments on my blog and directing others to it. If you click on the comments tab in blogger, you can view all comments on your posts. 

Gonna fix their wagons. I deleted all of the suspicious comments. Now, no one can comment. Even if you email me, I rarely check that email inbox. 

Moving on to seller update: I removed the one test item I had for sale on Etsy. It was a tiki bar quilt. Etsy seems to be having its problems. I figure nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Sourcing during my vacation produced over 50 sewing patterns for me to list. There was one colorful needlepoint I put with my keeper projects. 

Pattern of the Day from the coastal sourcing lot is one from 1966. It is a keeper too because it is cut, cut, cut, the Gonks Galore!


Online auction observation - seems people get the idea of jewelry crafting and then abandon the projects. There are bags and bags of jewelry "remnants" for sale. Of course, the same could be said for any craft. Good intentions with dreams of 💰 

Greenhouse update: The plants have eluded animal attack so far. 

We are just now experiencing heat in the 90s. That means the grasses will be drying up and water will be harder to find for the wild animals.  

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