Saturday, February 18, 2012

A plate collectors bonanza!

Interfaith's Great Finds in Sutter Creek, CA, recently received as a donation 1,400 collector plates, all with certificates of authenticity.  While I usually don't opt for plates, the Hamilton Collection horses were too amazing to pass up.  Interfaith was selling them at 3 for $12.  (Sorry the photograph isn't better, but trying to take a picture of plates is almost as difficult as photographing a framed picture in glass.)  Wally World (aka Walmart) had the picture hangers for $1.50 each.

Here is a snapshot of the front of the thrift shop - you can see the plates in the window to the right.

This place consistently lives up to its name of Great Finds!  I also found this stunning scarf and Eddie Bauer cardigan.  

The Easter items have started to appear and this lot ranged in price from 25 to 50 cents each.  The miniature rose I bought at Safeway ($3), along with the dark chocolate fortune cookies (pictured below for $1.50 - pre-Valentine's price of $5.99).

Nothing but yummy yum yum!  Yes, I admit I like to hit up the after-holiday clearance sales.

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  1. Hi Tami, your blog is so fun to look through. We are so glad you found the horsey plate collection. We have a lot more plates if any one is interested. Come on by. See you again soon, we hope.