Sunday, February 5, 2012

Valentine Wishes

Guinea Pig Girls


The Valentines-themed props for the guinea pigs were goodies I have gathered commando thrift shopping.

Amador Hospice Thrift supplied me with some props, a picket fence planter and a Sam's saloon small wooden box, a patriotic windsox, a horse/landscape watercolor (all tagged $1.50 ea.) the small white ceramic picture frame (50 cents).  A picture of my mom now resides in that frame.

What really delighted me was the Zero Zero pink skirt with side flower embroidery ($3.50).  I have resolved to be more discriminating in my clothes purchases - they have to pass the "WOW" test.  No wow?  No go.

On the topic of love ~ when did I first fall in love with fashion?  It was, at the very least, in 1969.  Here is a photo of me modeling for a Fredericks & Nelson fashion show.  The expression on my face was typical of me at ten years old.  You've got to love the medallion necklace!

Two years later, in 1971, in another fashion show.  I am the thinner model with the long brown hair.

A few years after that I attended the Carolyn Hansen Modeling School in downtown Seattle, Washington.  It was a blast, but I, a smurfette at 5'3", would never be in another runway show.

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