Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Greenhouse update

We have kept the plants in the greenhouse watered but have pretty much ignored them throughout the summer. Only the strong survive our California heat. 

The tomato pear going great guns is in the far planter with tomatoes, bell peppers and brussell sprouts in the other planter.

A cucumber is vining up the plastic trellis. There are stir fry greens and garlic chives in that planter also. 

My greenhouse experimenting continues. I just planted these seeds: golden beets, radishes, carrots and French gold pole beans. The seeds are a few years old but still seem to be germinating. 

For Christmas, I am going to ask for a solar heater for the greenhouse. 

No stunning trail cam pictures, but here is one of a doe.

One delightful side effect of my recent weight loss, having dropped a few pounds, I get to buy all new pants and skirts. Well, new to me, all through thrift. Here is one outfit I have found secondhand in the past couple of weeks. 

I will be posting for a couple of prompts for the month of October from #mrsbrimblesboodaily on Instagram. 

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