Saturday, April 21, 2018

Seed Packet Quilt

This began with mystery quilter's donation to thrift of the seed packet remnants. Then mystery quilter #2 donated the gray interior designer fabric (selvage from 1983) and mystery quilter #3 donated the 4" precuts. Once I had put together those segments, I knew I had to supplement with retail fabric. I use FabHopShop, not only to enter quilting-related prizes, but also to shop for particular fabrics needed to finish projects. I chose a floral panel and the last couple of yards available of Garden Girl fabric. 
Once I visited my mom at her assisted living center, I knew this project would be perfect for a Mother's Day gift. I had given her a couple of my creations when I first began quilting and was truly embarrassed to see my newbie quilter work. Still learning free motion quilting and tension settings, the quilts are something now I would never give away. I had to redeem myself and mom needed a new lap quilt. Since the Brother was acting balkly and skipping stitches, I ended up quilting with the newly-serviced Singer Stylist. All the more reason to invest in a backup machine. I bought her for next to nothing and spent $150 on repair. I'm in love.

Happily Quilting Away

May 2nd post update: I was going to show the completed quilt but entered her in  A photo contest with fabric kits as prizes. I wasn't one of the 12 winners but there are some wonderful images of those who did. 

I ended up cross hatch quilting in dusty rose and grey thread. I also doubled up the cotton batting, this gave the quilt more heft as I had done very little piecework. It is my best work so far. 

May 18 post update: Linking up with Amanda Jean at for Finish it up Friday. When I enter contests, I don't publish the finished work on my blog in case it is against the rules, but since the only winner was my mom - it is time to share it!

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