Monday, April 23, 2018

Things I Didn't Buy, Thrift Shop Finds

I enjoy reading about other's finds and deals, and even the things they didn't buy. Here are a few thrift shop finds worthy of good homes, just not mine.

At $75, it was a beautiful print in a frame alone worth that amount. Very large piece, I have limited wall space. 

This one was the best in a series of 4 Native-American themed paintings at $20 each. Had to pass it up. 
This oil on canvas was massive and dark. I even enhanced the image to bring out more light. Usually, I pick up nautical-themed artwork. I wasn't sure if the artist intended it to be so dark or if the canvas was aged and dirty. Confusing because the frame was clean. I did go back to see if it was still for sale the next day but the thrift shop was unexpectedly closed and I took that as a sign. 
Perfectly executed needlework with tufts of yarn. 

Things I did buy *fabric* and shameless flower photobombs.

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