Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Countdown to Christmas, Day 1

Finding fun stuff this year AND one of the holy grails of Christmas season - a retro ceramic light-up tree! An estate sale find of $2. I tried to contain my excitement so the seller wouldn't raise the price. 

I have discovered that recipes and food seem to be the most popular aspects of my holiday posts so I will not disappoint. I will throw in a couple of them from a 1950's travel famous recipes from famous places. 
I am sure the Ugly Christmas Sweater craze has long since passed. Ah well, I think Christmas sweaters are delightful. This year's sweater really isn't an ugly one, it is rather cute. A thrift shop find just prior to Thanksgiving.

Photoshoots are so much fun. In the background, you can see my dog descending down the hill. Here, I was trying to run at the camera while it was on timer. 

This year's decorating images are from the 1974 BHG Holiday Decorations You Can Make. Going through my bookcase to determine which books to sell, I discovered that I had this one. Chockfull of retro images, I was able to bring my Countdown back to daily posts (rather than weekly in 2019). There will be a tree featured each day, Day 1 is Oilcloth trees.

Here are my Day 1 links from my Countdown posts from years past. 2021 will be a 10 year anniversary. It is a labor of love because page views usually take a beating in December. 


Over the years, I highlighted rescued Christmas CDs for my countdown. I have linked to the YouTube video for each day's What I'm listening to - Christmas with Tammy.

There will be images from the numerous thrift shops I have visited the past couple of months. I kind of regret not picking up this manger scene painting on metal tray but momma can't rescue all of the orphans. 

Join me for daily posts from now until Christmas! 

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  1. I have a ceramic Christmas tree like that. My mother painted it. I think it is from the early 1960s.