Countdown to Christmas

My Countdown to Christmas begins with Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.  Each year I highlight a new-to-me sweater.  Being a year round major thriftier, I pick up these gems for next to nothing. Frolicking polar bears of this thrifted RealComfort sweater and the faux Cossack hat are this year's look.  

Joining the most fabulous Judith of for the first of the month Hat Attack and my gal Patti at for Visible Monday

Close up of sweater detail

This little darling was offered through  I am kind of intrigued by the strategically placed bells.  
Another fashion mistake from the same site.
This over-decorated wonder was at a thrift shop holiday extravaganza.  There is a sweater hidden in there somewhere.
And a couple of more trainwrecks from

What I'm listening to ~

There will be Christmas CDs highlighted each day during the Countdown, this one being from my thrifted gang of 24.  Some will join my permanent collection and others will be sent back to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond.


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