Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Von Zalez loves Vintage

Rounding down these last few days of the Countdown are the remainder of the shopgoodwill.com inmates that caught my eye.

The card cutout looks vintage but the toothpick frame seems recent. It was in a bag of ornaments I bought at hospice thrift for 50 cents.

One blog I can count on to post vintage or retro images is goldcountrygirls.  Here is one image from their Scenes from a Vintage Christmas post.

@vinnyboyvintage on Instagram

These images are undated Christmas cards from the Passionist Missionaries that I received from another blogger on a gift exchange.

I found a pair of Leftons, only 50 cents each, on this last week rounding into Christmas.  Silly sentimentalist that I am, tears came to my eyes, I was so happy. I have never seen these two before in all of my image surfing. I am not sure whether the Lefton on the left is a cross-dresser or not - he/she has a moustache and red lipstick. 

I am delighted with the thrift shop rescued ornaments I have gathered over the years with this lot being this season's purchases.

What I'm listening to The Whispers with my favorite track of Funky Christmas. 

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