Sunday, December 13, 2015

Going Tyrolean

Visible Monday of the Tyrolean kind. Ok, so it is not a fashion trend right this second, it could be! *grins* 

This thrifted pair of the Fjord Fashion sweater and olive green Gloria Vanderbilt jeans fit the prompt of "Green-acorn" for SpyGirl Anne's 52 pick-me-up. I borrowed Mr. VZ's Stetson straw hat and am wearing my Danner camo hiking boots.

I'm telling ya Tyrolean, here is an image of my brother and me from 1961.

Close up of sweater detail

Having completed my fashion analysis and clothing selection class, I have learned I am a rectangle shape. This is not uncommon for people of a certain vintage. Waists thicken, things happen. 

The final required students to do a fashion analysis of a prospective customer. We each choose a slip of paper from a hat. My customer was Hannah, an interior designer who favors dramatic style in her clothing. A 31-year old, she is 5' 8" tall, heavy framed, broad shouldered, non-athletic and wants to appear slimmer. She has a diamond-shaped face, thinks her legs are her best attribute and wants to show them off. 

The first task of the final was to sketch your customer's body type sans clothing from the description provided above.

Among other analyses, we were to choose an outfit for a social event. I had Hanna attending an art gallery gala in Sacramento. 

Peter Pilloto printed peplum top paired with pencil skirt

What I'm listening to ~

Quilting update - culled from my recent purchase of a $3 thrifted bag of fabric scraps and paired with the fabric in the foreground as a backing, I will be making a Corn Crib quilt for my mother's caregiver.

Diagram from Quick and Easy Projects for the Weekend Quilter

The Corn Crib Quilt is described as "crib" being a safe place for baby to sleep and a "corn crib" an American name to store corn. Here are the strips that were then cut into two-color rectangles.

I find crib-sized quilts the perfect size to throw on the back of a couch to add color and within arm's reach to add warmth. 

Look at the symmetry and color composition.  Lovely! I had the quilt pieces laid out carefully and in order of the chart and then, well as is said, the best laid plans of mice and men (and quilters) often go awry.  Here is the end result of the corn crib quilt top. I should have known better than to join the squares as full strips. Bad Tami. Then I had to cover up the uneven squares with floral appliques. The creation became less about the squares pattern and more about the appliques.

Quilt top with binding

Finished quilt

What projects have you undertaken this past year?

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