Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Queen of the Christmas CD and Santa Claus

It is time to reveal why I am the Queen of the Christmas CD. I first posted about it on my top-30-christmas-cds post. 
My keeper collection with new purchases nearest the CD player for a listen. I run through them and decide whether they go into the sale or keep piles. I finally organized mine alphabetically and found more duplicates. Now, I can check whether a CD is already in my collection or not. 
My office away from office (out of the remote work bedroom) Christmas CDs awaiting listing for sale. 
I had caught up with all of the ones I wanted to sell, then I bought 50 more! I kept 5 of that 50 lot. One of those keepers was this group, the Roches. I love them! 

Which CD did I nearly hit the blue "list item" button? After listening to one minute of it, I decided this one will never hit the auction boards. It gets an A+ from me on the cover art.
Moving on to the Countdown to Christmas highlighting Santa and his different iterations. 

All of the Abandoned Santas Waiting for Adoption

Ending with some retro Christmas the Judds circa 1989. I have this CD too in my collection.

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