Proud to be a Pentecostal

Some time ago, I found this exquisite gray leather Bible at thrift. While it is not my favorite King James Version, I am open to a new translation of the Word. 

With being proud to be a Pentecostal, it also means questioning those who preach those beliefs. If the message is not positive, then it is not worth my time. Being a Christian to me means accepting and loving every type of person. 

My family attended Jimmy Swaggart revival meetings from the 1960s through the 1970s. It is no wonder that I am still a fan. My latest thrift shop find was this group of 17 Jimmy Swaggart records. 

We should also be careful of those who want to separate us by "color." I have read the Bible from cover to cover and I don't remember any exclusion paragraphs on race, religion, or identity. 

My message, I enjoy the freedom to worship in my chosen religion and I hope to do that in the future. 


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