Tackling 25 CDs at a Time

I must have over 200 CDs to list on ebay. I hurriedly posted the Christmas ones to catch the pre-holiday crowd. Over the past year, I have expanded my music-listening repertoire to Zydeco, World Music, and a couple of Japanese imports. I am going to chip my way through the CDs until I get back to the specialty listings. Mom mentioned I am officially working a second job. 

Each one of my orders is wrapped in fabric. Not only does it protect what I am selling (I also use bubble wrap too), it means one less piece in my ocean of fabric. Who buys fabric at $1 a pound? I do!

One of the pieces in the mystery fabric is the lead-off image. The selvage reveals it is a 2010 Alexander Henry print Bonsai Bridge. That one is a keeper, an addition to my Asian-inspired fabric collection. 

The newest wrinkle in my aging process - I have to rest my hands. Between the scrolling, mousing, and typing, my hands have indicated they have had enough. The official name for it is Overuse Syndrome. I have to schedule a time out for my hands, otherwise bad things could happen. When I watch TV, I sit with my hands on my legs so I won't pick up my phone or sewing or do anything else with them. 

Two thrift shops and one yard sale later, I picked up my usual suspects of CDs, needlework kits, and books. Fun find of the day was this cap, festooned with pins. 

And a fabric from the same yard sale - a 1994 Warner Bros. print. 

Included in my day's secondhand shopping haul was Boy Scout items. For some odd reason, they are prompt sellers. I keep saying I am going to lot them together so I've got to get going!


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