Glad for the Seuss

I have run into some serious collectibles these past few weeks. I am not sure if my time has come or if I have just trained myself to be on the lookout for certain items. I bought this 1963 Dr. Seuss first edition ABC book for 50 cents. It does have some condition issues (as most things do after some 57 years). If you are interested in what it listed for, I have included the link. Let's call it my November surprise.

I have some Winnie the Pooh stuff awaiting listing, I think that might be popular too. 

As I have composed my Countdown to Christmas posts, I pulled 20 more CDs to list for sale, mainly duplicates. I have linked YouTube videos into each day's post. I love doing that for my countdown posts and it gets easier as more artists allow their videos to be shared. 

My latest items to sell (cookbooks, patterns, and a Nick & Nora pajama top) have sold as listed. That always surprises me, I almost expect a buyer to counter offer. 

Anyhoo, other my goal to be debt free, I have other, loftier goals. These are unformed ideas with ultimate business expansion, should I be so successful. I have mentioned before I would love having a full-sized red barn. I dream of property near the ocean. *sighs*

Another of my ideas is a Gypsy wagon that you could take to fairs or events and sell product. Wouldn't it be glorious to be around people again? I try not to think about life pre-COVID. So - many - things taken for granted. Hard for a people person like me. 

But back to the Seuss, the Mr. and I thought we had the $1,200 book in mint condition, but as I got to photographing it, the price dropped. The thought of a Seuss book that would bring that kind of $$ was fun to dream about for a day. 


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