Vintage Cookbooks are Hot Sellers

As promised, I am reporting back on my bin-diving, thrift shopping, estate sale sourcing as of late. Vintage cookbooks are all the rage, some being snapped up within a day of listing. I have made back my original investment of $75 on the bin-diving event. There someone had divested themself of over 25 retro cookbooks. That same day I visited an estate sale and picked up 4 more cookbooks at 25 cents each. A hospice thrift visit provided a couple more books at $1 each. This 1977 Carla Emery original survivalist book sold for $45. A McCall's decorating book from the 1960s sold for $65. 

Still on track to reach my goal of $10,000 in ebay product listings by year's end. I list items in rounds with the last two rounds being sewing patterns and Christmas CDs. The next two rounds are needlework kits, and some Boy Scout lots. I have also signed up for ebay managed payments that cuts out the middleman Paypal. 

Because I am encouraged by my book sales, I pulled 25 quilt-related ones from my collection. There are certain types of quilt patterns that just don't appeal to me anymore - colorwash, stack n' wack, and applique, to name a few. 

I had hoped to be debt free by year's end but the laptop purchase (which will be paid off in December) along with the office setup expenses ($500), pushed my goal of being in the black into the New Year. 

This little Pokemon Christmas CD I listed for $150, thirty dollars below my competitors. I will report back if it sells at that price.

The push is on for the Christmas rush. I have even started decorating the house and leave those decorations up well into January. 

Fun Find of the Day - this 1970s mix CD, not only is the cover image a hoot, the songs are right up my alley. 
Finally, cool enough weather to warm the house with the wood stove. Fall is more than welcome here after a summer of oppressive heat and smoke. 


I'm kind of surprised that the cookbooks sell so well with so many people just going to the internet for recipes and then setting their tablet on a stand to read a recipe. I like a book in my hand, that's my generation.

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