Deep Bin Diving and Secondhand Freebies

My first outdoor thrift shop bin diving. The thrift shop had placed about 20 6'x6'x6' bins in the back. Even though I arrived on the second day of the event, it appeared as though all of the large bins were full for the taking. Tubs were priced at $25 each and I bought three of them.

Rather than detail out everything I bought in those tubs, I will highlight the best. Those things not shown included my usual specialty books, sewing patterns and vintage toys that will be highlighted on upcoming posts. I will let you know what sells and when I make my break-even point of $75. 
A Hot Wheels mat and some Fisher Price toys
I am especially intrigued by the farm house

Ceramic squirrel atop a large ceramic walnut
5 of the 7 dwarfs, tons of Disney stuff
and a light-up pink Cadillac

This 1970s Charles Schulz
publication in awful shape 
but one of my delightful finds

These two well made masks
were part of a Halloween lot of 2 adult
and 2 kids costumes.

Other unique items included a Sun automotive timing light from the 1960s.I gave to the Mr. He seemed pleased as punch because he collects that type of retro stuff. 

It was a warm day and by the time I finished the bin diving, I was drenched in sweat. 

Occasionally, thrift shops set out free items they think either can't or won't sell. I picked up this book from the free table, thinking nothing of it. I wasn't even going to list it, until I searched what was posted by other sellers. One listed the book at $40 and the other at $50. Say what? Never underestimate the power of a book on music.

I have also picked up 5 vintage specialty cookbooks as freebies ranging in listing price from $15-$45. Cookbooks sell. Craft books don't sell. I miscalculated that one. It makes sense though, parents, who are already overburdened, are not going to be doing crafts with their kids in their spare time. 

Specialty books continue to be good sellers for me. They take up a lot of room but worth the storage space they consume. A Reader's Digest sewing book and a Fannie Farmer Cookbook both sold within a day of listing. 

I am looking forward to this holiday season. My Countdown to Christmas will be a post each week until Christmas Day. 


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