People Need People

On auction, I had on my wish list a pair of cotton diamond argyle curtains but wasn't motivated enough to bid on them. While doing a search of vintage curtains, I had no idea they would fetch such a high price. I was thinking to myself, I haven't seen nice curtains come through thrift, I had even been checking. The Thrift Gods heard my wonderment and I found this shabby chic panel (I will check to see if another shows up).

I also found a finished cross-stitch quilt top. Maybe this will be my Christmas Golden Ticket? It is on a 7-day auction style listing. Let the bidding begin! *fingers crossed*

I was also on the lookout for a space heater.  The wood stove is used primarily in the winter and the heat does not distribute evenly through the house. I also have to close the door to my remote office bedroom from time to time. I nearly spent $80 on a small space heater but my last minute visit to thrift produced a $5.99 oil heater, opened and in its original box. The glass cutting board I put under it for extra safety. 

My total thrift shopping expense for those three items - $2.50, using a $10 credit earned. Love it!

I have always been kind of the talkative sort. Now I find myself conversing more with strangers no matter where I am. I will initiate conversations, just for the human interaction. Here is a Barbra Streisand song that says it all. 

Because I have been so successful this past year with a job promotion and the sales with my ebay business, I am trying to give more. I believe when you give, blessings are received doubly in return. 

Do you find yourself engaging others in conversation more often? Do you believe it is better to give than to receive? 


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