Wooden Duck Decoys

Yes, yet another thing that I collect - wooden duck decoys. Finding them is few and far between, duck no. 3 (the sole one on the second shelf), a $6.99 hospice find has joined my collection. I LOVE them!

Living in fear of another thrift shop shutdown, I devoted the weekend to shopping. Lots of Christmas stuff has dropped and I overheard the volunteers expressing their Christmas fatigue being inundated with Christmas, and more Christmas. 

My latest sourcing foray meant finding more CDs, needlework kits and another vintage toy. I hate to even count the CDs I have in the death pile. There is a tub full in the She Shed Trailer. Part of me feels guilty for having so. much. stuff. The other part of me is relieved to have the product in reserve. 

I have met my $10,000 product goal for my 700 ebay listings, that doesn't even include the numerous CDs I have left to list for sale, along with books, boy scout lots, and misc. items. 

Not much sewing is going on this time of year. With my reseller push, and Christmas decorating, my quilting projects are being neglected. My sewing area is also in a cold part of the house so I have to be very motivated to sew with a space heater running. 

Anyhoo, fun finds for the weekend included 4 yards of kitty princess fabric ($7 at Goodwill) and a couple of Japanese import CDs. 

What has captured your interest this fall?


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