Why is there so much blue fabric?

It can't be just me! I have always had more blue fabric than any other color. The tub pictured below? Doesn't even include dark blue. 

I have gone through my Annual Fabric Cleanout and bagged up three kitchen bags full of remnants and yardage. I kept remnants that were fat quarters or larger. I do not like working with teeny tiny pieces of fabric and do much better with completed blocks and strips.

Then there is Christmas fabric. I have one small tub I will wrap orders in for December buyers. There is a whole nuther tub of Christmas fabric in my offsite storage. I made one Christmas throw quilt and have another unfinished top. I keep telling myself I will make another Christmas quilt but I can't bear the thought of piecing Christmas fabric in June (which is what happened with completed Christmas quilt). 

Christmas CDs are selling, that is no big surprise. One vintage toy sold, and here is my newest listing. I try to focus on toys without batteries, but this one is so cute!


Those who have followed me for some time know that I am a huge fan of ebay. I have moved into the Basic Store Subscription this past year. Now, the company is offering an "Up and Running" Grant for small store people like me. I have applied and will report back on whether I am accepted or not. 

Up & Running Seller Grants Program 

Through the Up & Running Grants program, 50 eBay small business sellers in the US will each receive a grant package composed of $8,000 cash and $2,000 worth of eBay credits. In addition, recipients will also enjoy premium access to Seller School and direct training and coaching from expert sellers and eBay Growth Advisors. The program will help ensure sellers have the funding, education, and resources to help grow their online business.


When I was a buyer for quilt shops one salesman told me if I couldn't decide on a color for a print I liked to buy blue. He said it was the top selling color. I have more friends who say blue is their favorite color than any other color on the color wheel.

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