Thursday, October 29, 2020

Have a Happy Halloween!

From cute Pattern of the Day. I just couldn't bring myself to sell this one. I think the pattern is just adorable for both the kid's costume and the Halloween fabric wall hanging. 

To a creepy one from 1975.

I came late to the party listing costume patterns for sale. I really do have so. much. stuff. It can be overwhelming. When one thing sells well in one category, for example, CDs, then just like a gambler it urges me on to buy more CDs.  

I really have found my niche with this reselling business. I like it and I can put my business background education to good use. I just listed for sale the freebie lot of little girls clothes. It is like picking money up off of the ground.

This beyond cute toddler giraffe costume was one $1.99 find I knew would pay off. It sold for $28, at listing price. It was the only costume I found worth reselling and these types of items sell well. 

My Halloween costume for 2020. I did a version of Queen for the Day a few years back. I thrifted back the burgundy formal that I dearly loved. Kicking myself over that one. 
Queen of All Things Quilted

COVID-19 update - The local post office has removed the plastic sheeting in front of the counter. I couldn't be happier. They also brought back the City garbage cans for public use.

There are also some living assisted centers in California that are allowing visitors. Some states are even noting family as essential caregivers. I haven't seen my 92-year old mother in a year. Luckily, she is holding up better than some, given her age.  

Cheers to one of my favorite fall events, Halloween! 

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