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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Minimalist Plaid Quilt

Happy October! My favorite month of the year. Glamour shots in the wild for the Minimalist Plaid quilt. Finished with a scrappy solid binding as I have done for all of my quilts in 2020. 

Nearly 8 months later, this quilt is finally done, original post here. The majority of the time was spent at the longarmer while I finished up my California State Fair quilt. I used up all of my plaid wovens on the top and all of my flannel fabric on the backing.  

My local hospice thrift shop is so popular, they have to close periodically because they are full from donations. The best stuff is when the rack are rolled onto the floor. I grabbed what appeared to be the contents of a sewing case. I would have spent $4.99 for just the patterns since they are all retro. I will share those 4 pattern packets I scored on an upcoming post. The bonus was the thread, some Gutermann and metallic. 

Fun Find of the Day $6.99 at thrift, this original NyForm Troll, retail tagged at $77.50. Truly vintage, I can't decide if he is creepy or cute. Sometimes a troll enters your life, thankfully this one was made of plastic and fake fur. 

Pattern of the Day from 1972, posting in Plaid!

I will start queueing up my Countdown to Christmas posts, hoping to fill out all 25 days in the month for the celebration. I have gathered enough holiday CDs for 25 days of What I'm Listening To. 

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  1. Congrats on using the making of this quilt to finish off your plaids and flannels!! What a cozy quilt it must be. Thanks for the reminder of the drawer full of plaids I purchased to make a jacket. After 25 years, I may need to come up with another use for them and something like your quilt would be SEW perfect!


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