Friday, October 23, 2020

Cubist Cats in Chintz

First off, I have switched my blog format off of mobile. Not sure about my mobile users, but I could never access my blog on my iphone. I also had one reader inquire about the name of my ebay store so I have included that info on my blog header also. I sell on ebay as tam_gonza and the store name is grammasonacid, with a YouTube channel of the same name. 

Redoing that oil on canvas painting has whet my appetite to do more. Here I have an adorable stamped cross-stitch kit called Chintz Cats. I grabbed it as one of my keepers. While I may complete that needlework project one day, I have in mind doing a Cubist Cats in Chintz painting. 

Reseller update: ebay offers at the store level the ability to manage listings. They have a tab that offers sellers the ability to update item specifics recommended to achieve the magical full-circle blue dot for that listing. In editing my listings, I discovered I had some duplicates. Glad I caught them, that would have been a big problem - to sell product that already sold. 

I upgraded my iPhone 8 to a 12 and it is a beaut. My 8 was starting to show signs of fritzing out. The Mr. didn't replace his android in time and he lost all of his contacts. 

I bumped into another estate sale and this time it was a man-related one where the gentleman had moved to an assisted living center. I bought these Tiki mugs ($2 ea). I might have biffed on the buy but they might sell as a set.

There were 4 ceramic smalls Christmas angels the buyer first asked $15 for the 4 and I balked, so she lowered the price to $5 for the 4. Those darlings will appear on one of my Countdown to Christmas posts. 

This book rounded out my purchases, a reprint of the 1950 first edition of Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book (1998). In beautiful condition and it is a keeper. 

It has the recipe I have been looking for - Gingersnaps or Gingies as they are listed in the book. "Soft and puffy ... true old fashioned ginger cookies." The recipe even adds Frosted Gingies! I was born at the tail end of the 1950s so I remember that distinctly American cuisine. 

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