Saturday, October 17, 2020

Out in the Wild and the Freakishly Long Tree Trunks

A weekend of no cooking, no cleaning, no Westerns on TV, the Mr. has gone hunting. THAT means a weekend of thrifting, listening/singing to music, eating at restaurants for Tami. 

This mystery bag of fabric produced a mystery linen. Anyone who knows what this little ditty is used for, please comment. Umbrella cover? Velcro fasteners on back. IDK

Other delights in the mystery bag were a placemats and napkins set, rooster remnant and vintage fabric.

I thought I had found a use for all of those seasonal quilted wall hangings I made for my office cubicle walls. I put up the state fair quilt as a background but found it to be too busy. Back to experimentation. I will put up my Halloween quilt for a virtual event through work. I will appear on camera as a Misplaced Mermaid or Quirky Queen for the Day. 

On the subject of internet meetings, I have discovered sometimes you don't have to appear on camera. When that is the case, I can work on my needlepoint and hand sewing projects. BONUS! I am going to get so many more projects done. 

Christmas CD sales are heating up. I just picked up another 10. I had gone through Christmas CD listing burnout. I had kept my eye out for unusual or collectible ones but haven't listed any lately. It is about time. I have a ton of fun ones to highlight on my Countdown to Christmas. 

And on the subject of CDs, it was a weekend of electronic finds, an Emerson CD player/AM/FM radio for $2.99 and a toaster oven for $5. I sanitized the oven and ran a CD laser lens cleaner through the player. That was all it needed, the first disc I played skipped a bit, after the lens was cleaned, no more skipping. I am going to keep my eye out for more of these. 

The CD player is headed to my 92 year old mom. I have been sending her gospel CDs but she didn't have a player yet. The side loading feature will be easier for her. In her previous home, she had a side loading turntable. We gave it away in the move. 

Ok, this painting I am going to share now and then again after I have altered it. Priced at $5, it is beautifully framed but the tree trunks are freakishly long. The composition is sound so I am just going to fill in the tree canopy. In my prior life (before I began quilting and sewing again), I painted with oil on canvas and I still have the paints. My full sized easel is stored for now. 
I normally don't try to alter paintings but this one went wrong right around the middle of the painting. I will repost my attempt at making this painting really pop. 

Signing off to finish an extra credit assignment in my Modern Art class, then I am done with college until next Spring! 

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  1. Extra credit even, wow, I wonder how many other people are motivated to do that with an online course. I was always an extra credit student too.