Saturday, October 3, 2020

Junk'N in the Junction and Estate Sale Finds

I went Junk'N in the Junction and had a great time. 

The best part of the day was finding a quilt top - $8. Another pink bordered star pattern vintage material one, this girl has blue cornerstones and is missing her side border like the other top I rehabilitated last month. I will iron it out, repair any damage to the sides and put borders on it. I don't think I will even try to match that pink material unless by some stroke of luck, I have something that blends with the rest.

I know Outfit of the Day and sharing thrifted fashion finds linkups have gone by the wayside but want to share my Junk'N outfit, the knit skirt a find the day before, AND a real men's fedora, Christy's Crown Series ($6.99 thrift). I sold my last men's fedora and kicked myself for it. Not selling this one. 

Stopped by my first local estate sale. While furniture seemed to be the most popular, I snagged all of the nearly completed, just started and unopened needlework kits at the estate sale. Most of the kits are from the 1980s. Got the whole lot for $20 including 9 CDs, all of those kits, a log cabin blue patchwork tote and a ceramic collander thrown in for good measure. I. am. in. hog. heaven. I also hooked up with the local estate seller who said there was an upcoming sale of a large estate. 

How can I resist not completing this amazing needlepoint Christmas stocking? Its a keeper. 

Estate sales in my area have been few and far between over the years. My theory on what is happening, older people are dying at a faster rate. Whether this is virus-related or not, I am not the one to come to that conclusion. We are even categorized as one of the counties with the least infection and 16 deaths (last count). 

Reselling goal by year's end - to have total value of all ebay listings at $10,000. We will see. I am at $8,000 total value now and I have the week off during Christmas. Yahooooo!

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  1. Where do we find what you are reselling?