Monday, February 5, 2018

Blue blocks and let's talk a little quilt terminology

Color of the month for the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge is BLUE. I originally made this block for my sons-quilt, having seen the pattern here at  I don't think the quilt block designer gave it a name, I think of it as "windowpane." Sacramento public art in the background.
12-1/2" block
10-1/2" block
As I have mentioned before, quilting is a deceptively complex craft. To add to that complexity, quilters have created phrases and terms to describe their methods and process. 

Leaders and Enders - starting and ending chain piecing with 2-1/2 squares, that combine into a 4 patch, 8 patch and so on, until it reaches the desired size for a Postage Stamp quilt.
happyquiltingmelissa - link to tutorial and image of her quilt

I was so inspired by this project. 2-1/2" is the absolute smallest you (I) can feel comfortable sewing together. Here is my container of remnants I have culled from the larger pieces. They represent an amalgamation of all the quilts I have made, including those I have given away. I will be chipping away at cutting these "postage stamps."  Who knew it would be so much fun? 

Stack and Whack - This method involves "stacking" print fabric and cutting 8 sections at a time (usually one cuts 4 at a time) and then "whacking" or sewing the solid cut fabric to the printed stacks. - link to creator of method and tutorials

I did a scrap reorganization with the following categories:
Florals and mixed/odd prints
Mixed colors

I have also been hoarding Asian-themed fabric for a few years now. I think I finally have enough for a creation.

Another upcoming project is this Seed Packet quilt. This one will piece together quickly because some pieces are preassembled.

My goal is to have as many quilts as possible completed before the middle of May so a relative, who is visiting then, can choose between them. 

Do you keep completed crafts/quilts on hand to give as gifts?

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