What can be done with a bag of remnants?

Post title sung to "What Do You Get When You Fall In Love?"
I had seen this bag of remnants at thrift before but I passed on them because I had just donated a large bag of the same. Half off day this Memorial Day weekend meant the remnant bag was only $2.25, so I thought "why not?" 
I knew the work involved to process this material.
It had to be washed because no matter how clean the home, fabric picks of the occupant's scent. 
I ironed the material while still damp and then trimmed. It turns into a tangled mess when you don't use a mesh bag. I had too much fabric to use that technique this time. 

This aqua/orange companion fabric of different sizes and cuts can be worked into a sampler. There were a few pieces of feedsack prints and others, all keepers, no uglies.  
When I first started buying fabric secondhand in bags or lots, I would separate it all by colors. Now, when I see mystery quilter had purchased a fabric collection, I keep those pieces together. 

I hope to get some quilting done this weekend as I bought a new walking foot and some size 16 needles. Fingers crossed my next post will feature a bound quilt. I am also shooting for completion of my composition quilt for the county fair. We'll see, I have been highly unmotivated now heading into the summer months. 

On my creative plate now are the composition quilt (nearly quilted), the vintage fan quilt (needs to be bound), the nifty novelties quilt for a hop this August (needs to be bound), and the  magnolia needlepoint I began on challenge this February (1/2 complete, goal to finish by November to have framed). 


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