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Thursday, October 6, 2022

October is Finally Here

My favorite time of the year, getting past the intense heat of summer but not quite into the cold of winter. 

My self-imposed moratorium on quilting finally came to an end this past weekend. I began binding a basket block quilt that had come back from the longarmer a few months ago, and began a baby quilt that I also had queued up for quite a few months. The baby is three months old now, so it is time to get that quilt to the family recipient. 

Reseller update: I earned my first $200 week of sales. That is the first time I have hit that milestone. Now I hover around 2,000 listings. For every 1,000 listings, I earn approximately $100 a week. I am slowly moving from lower priced items to higher dollar ones. I don't list any item under $9 now. 

A Boy Scout rummage sale that I stumbled onto produced this first edition 1960s publication. I spent $10 at that sale, with an armload of books at $1 each. I found this book under a table, in a box along with a few other publications. I made many happy Tami noises. It is listed at $110, with plenty of room to barter.

Moving on from books, I have completed the needlekit listing session. Those listings were easy peasy because nearly all of the kits are new in package. I did a different method and took all of the photos on my iPhone and composed the listings on my phone. I prefer listing from my laptop because I can use my templates, and there is less editing. Here is the best of the bunch from that session.

There really is a feeling of satisfaction when I finish the eBay listing sessions. Next session will be Scouting memorabilia, I have a bagful, along with a Boy Scouts Bear Cub shirt and hat. 🐻

Since I invested in the monthly expense of iMovie to add video to my eBay listings, I am going to buy a motorized rotating Lazy Susan. The Mr. has a ton of automotive stuff that we need to list. I am having him pick a name for his eBay store and we can start photographing and listing. 

On a totally separate subject - buying stocks and bonds. I have been an eTrade customer for many years. I was delighted when I could choose my own investments. The latest one to catch my eye are Treasury Bonds. I bought my first lot of 100/30 year maturity. I am going to buy those in lots in varying stages of maturity dates. 💸Years ago, I bought dividend producing stocks, and those dividends go into a cash account of my 401k. From there, I buy more stocks and bonds. 

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