Sunday, October 16, 2022

Keeping the Linens

The Mr. rarely requests that I keep items I pick up secondhand. I thought it was a unique linen and did not see the skull prominently featured in the center until the Mr. pointed it out.  
The Grateful Dead label meant I had staged it for photographing and sale. There is some sun damage, but after he said he wanted to keep it, it remains. We will display it at fish camp in the summer. It will fit in with the Mendocino County mind set. 💀
Assuaging my wounds from a mistake I made at work, I dropped off donations at Goodwill. Ten lovely quilt blocks for $12 came home with me. Nothing lifts the spirits quicker than the possibility of a new quilt. 

They, along with some other recent finds of beautifully embroidered quilt blocks, will join my project bags.

I took some time to cut up some character/novelty fabric for my eBay orders. I buy so much fabric. The favorites that I keep that come through secondhand are plaids, batiks, western, woodland or nautical themed. Here is one fabric remnant I recently gave away. Cute! 💜

Just a few more Boy Scout related eBay listings then next up are Christmas CDs. I have narrowed those down to a minimum price listing of $15. If it comes up on eBay search as less than that, I thrift it back. 

Until next time,

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