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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

A Skosh More of Boy Scout

It takes time to organize and sort items for sale on eBay. I am still working my way through the bag of Boy Scout. In the belt category, this one was the best of the bunch.

The black sheet made an excellent background! Much better than white - it looks like it is floating, a piece of artwork! 😁

A couple of BSA t-shirts also went up for sale.

Next up are BSA badges and scarves. I am going to stick with the black background for those listings. 

One thrifting podcaster who has been in the resale business for some 20+ years has purchased a house outright from his sale of CDs. He uses that house to store his product. I could see that happen. The adage The More You List The More You Sell is so true! Two years ago, I had about 200 listings. Now I hover around 2,000 listings. Image if I had 200,000! 

I tried to perform an Advanced Search by Seller within 50 miles of my zip code. You have to be item specific on search. There are 2 media sellers within 40 miles, one with over 4,000 listings and the other with over 5,000. Some CDs are listed individually, and others are sold in lots. I find the CDs are not moving like they were a couple of years ago. 

Another non-starter now are red plaid Better Homes & Gardens New Cookbooks. I thrifted back 4 of them, all published in 1989. I did keep 2 on the board of the ones in the best condition.  

Mentioned on a thrifting podcast and one thing I have run into - sellers charging exorbitant shipping fees. I charge just a few extra ounces over the weight to allow for packing. I figure shipping is expensive enough, sometimes the same cost as the product. 

And while I was composing this post, a Christmas CD sold. I have got to get those on the board pronto - I have about 45-50 in my death pile. 

Sales are now averaging $200 a week! This business constantly amazes me. While I questioned whether it was worth it when I first started, there is no doubt my niches make real 💸

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