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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Assistance of Another Sort and the Pandemic End

Sometimes you've got to get creative. This T-Rex held the measuring tape so I could list the Boy Scout belt for sale on eBay. Just for kicks and giggles, I left this image buried in the listing. In the description it reads, "T-Rex toes not included."

With the badges lotted up, the total value of all of the Boy Scout listings is $450. You can see why I push myself through these. It is like leaving money laying on the ground if they aren't for sale. And they will sell. I bought the BSA items in online lots. 

Boy Scouts of America BSA Neckerchief Slides

I also dabble in skeins of yarn. Here is my latest Hollywooding Homespun yarn. I have also learned to buy at least 2 skeins and to list them in small similar lots rather than lot up different ones.

I have been quiet lately about pandemic-related stuff. Our Caleeforneeya governor Gavin has declared the crisis ends in February 2023. I work in a hybrid analyst position for the state where I work in office three days a week. When all of the staff were given the choice whether to return to the office or not, 95% chose to remain 100% remote. My job requires in office work so my choices were to come in 2 days a week and lose my cubicle (share space with someone else), or come in 3 days a week and have a dedicated cubicle. After nearly a year in this position, I still haven't met half of my co-workers. I am looking to return to remote work, if possible. The work experience is not the same. Very few are in office. Even fewer walk the streets and around the Capitol, with the exception of the numerous unhoused. 

We will see what this fall will bring. 

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