Thursday, October 27, 2022

Bucket List Item - A Lady Head Vase

Finding one of these head vases has been on my thrift shop bucket list for years! In my personal library, I even have the Schiffer Book for Collectors, The Encyclopedia of Head Vases with Price Guide (1996). She was found at my fav hospice thrift priced at $1.49. I kissed her. She is a little damaged (aren't we all?) but intact. 

A $6 quilt top from Goodwill turned into $150 as the finished product. I could have saved $100 in the cost if I quilted it myself but that is too taxing. The longarmer also offered unique designs - this one is goldfish and bubbles in a multicolor thread. 

The baby quilt is on its way back to me for binding. I have promised a few quilt gifts to family. I am going to make a few quilt tops and then have them choose one of those or make something else. November I will devote to my National Park quilt. I would like to have that quilted and bound before year's end. 

I am already queuing up my Countdown to Christmas posts. I found a fun 1980s holiday-themed publication to showcase images. Watch what I do with this background from that book on Ugly Christmas Sweater day. 

You don't have to be in exotic places any more when there is photoshop. My blog image is the result of a recent play session. I will have to change it up twice, once in November, and then again in December for holiday attire. 

Reseller update: Guess what is up next for eBay listings? Yep, its Yarn!

The day I sold 5 skeins for $25, I picked up the large bag of yarn at thrift for $7.99. I love this business!

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  1. What a fantastic find. I love those lady head vases, they are very collectable! xxx