Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Hug" Day 30 of the 30 day photo challenge and month-long topic of "Bridges"

Hug - good lawd, I'm gonna need one.  I've committed to a July writing challenge, 31 days to build a better blog, hosted by Yeah Write.  I flip-flop between the photography and writing challenges, esp. in the summer.

Tigger and Pooh
Photo Challenge Submission

On to the month-long photo challenge hosted by P.J. at hoohaablog.

This month’s theme is: Bridges.
Bridges differ so much throughout the world, so I hope there will be a lot of cool shots this year. OR, maybe you’ll look at this theme in a total different way?

Bridge #1.  This might be a freeway underpass or overpass.  I'm calling it a bridge and sticking with it.

Bridge #2.  Footbridge - not so pretty but functional.

Bridge #3.  Bridge over the Noyo Harbor in Fort Bragg, California.

Bridge #4 - Traveling over the Yolo Bypass, the rice fields stretch out below.

Bridge #5 - Neglected bridge over the one lane road that is no longer in use, just off Jackson Highway where fire raged through earlier in the month.  

Please give a looksee at the other participant's posts ~

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