Friday in the Middle of May

My remote work station continues to evolve. I replaced the bulky tapestry with a curtain panel made of the zoomy purple print fabric backed by corduroy fabric. A $2 thrift shop find. It is the exact length from curtain rod to floor that I needed. 

While the California State Fair has been put on hold, the Amador County Fair will be going forward. I have never entered my crafts at the county level, and it is high time that I do!

In light of my desire to enter a quilt in the fair, I cancelled my summer session art history class. There is no way I can complete an entry and another 8-week class prior to the July 9th deadline. I am even considering entering my plum jam into competition. 

Reseller's update: A crocheted blanket finally sold, if only for a few dollars profit. I nearly pulled it from the listings. I have one left to list but it is a black-bordered granny square one with colorful centers, with those being more popular it should move quickly. 

I discounted my listed CDs to half off just to get them out of inventory. Next up for deep discounting are the books. 

Ending the post with the best thing I've seen on the internet today, Quilting for Monkeys. Friday next, I will be flying out to finally see my 93 year old mother in Seattle. 


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