American Art and the Sewing Pattern Sessions

Happy Memorial Day weekend! A shout out to all who have served. 

The 300+ sewing patterns I have listed on eBay have now been edited to absorb the $$ I made on shipping and shifted to the pattern price. They were listed as Parcel Post and changed to First Class Mail. The 50 more awaiting listing will all be at the higher price. The days of vintage patterns at rock bottom prices are over. 

Not only that! On my return from my weeklong vacation, I hit up my local county route of 4 thrift shops and what did I find? A sewing pattern resellers dream, vintage patterns at 29 cents a piece. My favorite time periods with those from the 1960s and 1970s. 

While I do sell the majority of what I find, there are those that are forever keepers. I fall in love with the graphics. Perhaps one day I will sell them. This 1971 Simplicity pattern was the look when I was a teenager. 

Very excited about my next art history class - American Art! An 8 week session that doesn't start until the middle of October. That gives me plenty of time to gear up for it. And what did I find to start me on my way to success with that class? This 1952 first edition, signed by the author (Harold McCracken), Portrait of the Old West. A definite keeper with many color plates of artwork like this one. 

Adding to my Western art collection in my living room, was this framed print for $12.99.
Tough to get a good image when it is under glass. Eventually, I will be able to identify the artist. The print has a luminosity to it. It passed the "gotta love it" test. 

Having my eBay store on vacation hold worked perfectly. I sold $50 worth of product and shipped the orders out on my return. Back to work for me now until my next week off at the end of June. I want to go to the ocean but the Mr. is still COVID-shy. 


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