Happy Post Mother's Day from Mystery Quilter

I'm glad I pushed myself to visit a couple of smaller thrifts, one in Jackson, California, that consistently produces fabric and craft-related gems. This $12 wrapped bundle included 29 completed blocks, a partially completed block with instructions, and at least 4 yards of the beige fabric. This will project will push all the others, I am tempted to sew all the blocks together without borders or sashing. The colorway matches my living room decor. 

Is it any wonder I can give away so much fabric when I buy it at $1 a pound? 

Fabric cube 1
Fabric cube 1 contents
And a sewing pattern to boot! I kept about 1/3 of it and thrifted the rest back. 
Fabric cube 2
Fabric cube 2 contents

I am back to collecting plaid wovens. I still want to do a Storm at Sea patterned quilt in those fabrics. 

An internet local downage gave me the chance to scan in 45 sewing patterns for listing. That makes a big dent in my death pile. After I get those babies up for sale, it will put me beyond the 1,000 total listings goal. 

I spent Mother's Day boating on the Sacramento and American rivers. It had been over 5 years since I had been on a boat. It was so much fun! 


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