Mary Mary and the Mallard

Quite Contrary! There I said it. Mary Mary in her original box was a $4 yard sale find. With that permanently startled look, how could I resist her? How does your garden grow? 

I haven't picked up a Madam Alexander doll in quite awhile. I have about 7 of them now, all but one thrift shop finds. 

I also found a cashmere *sings the word* lavender long-sleeved sweater - $1! All sorts of new stuff to wear when I am visiting mom next week. Finally getting some well-deserved time off, a week in May and then another week at the end of June. 

Best recent CD find, this 1982 Wolftracks by John Kay & Steppenwolf.

Added to my wooden duck decoy collection, this one a Mallard, a $5.99 thrift shop find.
I have decided to change all of my sewing pattern listings on eBay from Parcel Post to First Class Mail and then raise the prices. There has been so much b****ing and moaning about the shipping price, I will just adjust so the profit is realized in the price. 

Greenhouse update - here is how my garden grows, we will finally have artichokes!
There is also hope that I may be returning to the office in downtown Sacramento, possibly two days per week. I had given up that hope many months ago. We will see.  

Ending the post with an undated Butterick Pattern of the Day decidedly summery in fashion. 


Humaun Kabir said…
Thanks for such a wonderful post.

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