Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Giving It All Up

My avocation as a writer may have come to an end. I have recently been diagnosed with another medical condition, this one affecting everything that I do with my hands. 

Those things coming to an end, unless I can convert to voice dictation, are my work, my reselling, my college courses, gardening, and sewing. It is a huge blow. I dearly love reselling and perhaps I could hire a person to create the listings. idk

Those things I can still do, walk, talk, read, watch, maybe even podcast. I will figure it out. I mourned the loss of my non-remote job a long time ago. 

On a lighter note, these 1969 wedding and bridesmaids sewing patterns were in the lot of 25 I purchased recently.  One is McCall's, the other Simplicity, both feature empire waistlines, a classic late 60s look. 

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