Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Getting Books on the Board and More Blocks for the Birthday Girl

Even though I want to be listing sewing patterns for sale, I am getting books on the board. This is one of the gems I picked up in my thrift shop wanderings. 


Books are my least favorite of the listings because they take up so much room. They are also heavy to tote around. On the flip side, I make a larger profit on them. The quilting books I look through like a magazine, then sell them. 

Here is my death pile of books. The larger group are the ones to be listed, the smaller heading for the boards this week. Books do intimidate me though, there are just so many of them. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Well, I have to deal with them now list, thrift, or keep. The goal is to have them ALL moved into the She Shed Trailer by the end of the month. 

I organized my personal collection of books, specialty ones I kept related to folk art, growing orchids, flower arranging, and those from estate sales that I want to read in retirement. 

Segueing to quilting: Yet another group of star quilt blocks have headed my way for my birthday month. I met the pricer at the thrift shop where I scored my last group of star blocks. She directed me to these a group of 20 she priced at $5. I told her I wanted to hug her. 

I saw one of my old posts come up, the-traveling-yellow-skirt. It was a voluminous off-colored yellow maxi skirt that was sent from blogger to blogger that would embellish it, blog about it, and then send it on. I still have the Insane Clown Posse belt from that event that is just begging to be highlighted again. 

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