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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Dancing and Editing Sessions

I have around 800 albums ripped to my laptop that I play on shuffle. My photo editing technique is to stand, alternating hands to touchscreen crop and save the image. All the while, I pause to dance exercise to some of my music. Might as well make it a fun activity. 

When I buy patterns, I usually find them in groups. The latest group was from a Vogue pattern collector. I usually don't look at my inventory until it is listed. This freekin adorable pattern came up and I am sure it will sell quickly.

I have also changed up my gloves holding the product. One reason I do that is I can place when that group was listed, and I have to wear compression gloves the majority of the day.

I have commented on eBay's algorithms before. Every time I list in a certain category, I have sales specifically in that category. For example, I have been listing books. What usually sells? Sewing patterns. What is selling now? Books. 

I have developed some seller's superstitions. I had a book returned and wasn't able to contact the buyer so I refunded the money. Good thing I had wrapped the book in fabric because the packaging was torn through, down to the fabric. I was able to relist the book because of the fabric + bubble wrapping. But back to my superstition, I will not wrap any other orders in the returned order fabric. That would be bad juju. 

Leaving you with one of the danceable tunes on this Father's Day. I LOVED Soul Train, wouldn't that be a great show to bring back? I didn't really appreciate the 70s at the time. It was that damned polyester fabric. 

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