Coming to Terms and Has Your Health Taken a Hit?

Without revealing my personal health information, in the past few months I have received two health diagnoses. I had attributed it to my age but got to thinking that maybe these problems were an outcropping of remote work and pandemic stress. 

Has your health deteriorated or have you put off medical attention? 

On a lighter note, let's talk reselling. Looking back, I see that I only have 40 patterns left of my original vintage sewing pattern collection of 200+.  Never would I have imagined them to be so popular.

All death pile sewing patterns should be in by the end of next week. Then, I have to turn my attention to books. I have them hidden under the bed, secreted away in corners of the house, and catch heck when the Mr. discovers them. 😁 They need to live in the She Shed trailer (that means they are listed on eBay). 

In my personal library, I have an entire shelf of craft books - Flower fabrication and arranging, Ikebana, painting, needlework, jewelry making, and quilting (stacks of the latter). I have to get real, they all need to go. I will be doing none of those activities. I can tolerate a small amount of sewing for short periods of time. Books on art, poetry, cooking, sewing, and a few select quilting, will stay in the library.  

This diminutive watercolor by wildlife artist Brenda Musgrave Doss has joined my permanent art collection. It was photographed at an angle because it is under glass. 

Beautifully framed and well-matted, a sticker on the back of the piece gave a provenance of being sold through the Sandcastle Studios in Paradise, California. I am unsure if they are still in existence, but odds are they are not. The unfortunate town of Paradise burned to the ground two years ago. 

This pattern dropped a present when I opened the packet, new on card Elan lavendar buttons.

I keep hoping to find money tucked into one of the thrifted books, but that hasn't happened yet. 


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