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Friday, June 4, 2021

There Is A Work Around

In an attempt to limit my hand-use activities, I have installed the Microsoft free dictation app and have ordered a pair of fingerless compression gloves. I will be using my hands for work and then resting them off hours.  

It means sewing and patchwork piecing will take the hit. I have kits and PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) *even though mine are in zippered clear plastic* and orphan blocks. I will winnow down all of that stuff. 

I have added enough to my death pile to make it through another pandemic. I've tended toward listing the sewing patterns because they are so easy to scan in and don't require special photographing. They also are very popular and tend the sell quickly. I am thanking the Thrift Gods for the gift of 20 uncut Vogue patterns from a collectors estate. Mystery collector must have loved Vogue (who doesn't?). My current round of listings of those amazing patterns will total $250-$300 in value.

This is not a paid promotion - I am so happy with the Amazon hub locker. We had a rash of mail theft in our area and I lost $100 worth of ordered product. I opted for the Amazon locker and it is great! I entered my code and a little door popped open with my stuff inside. Delightful! It reminds me of the show Laugh In, where there were different sized doors and a person would open a window and tell a joke. 

I have hit a new benchmark in page views over 1,000 in one day. Yowza~! Where are you guys finding me? 

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