Friday, June 25, 2021

Today is my birthday

Me at two years old
June 25, 1961

Woah! Another page view spike yesterday. Wherever you are finding me, I welcome one and all! It is this gal's birthday. I am pretty happy with my life; living in a rural area, working for the state as a paralegal, and pursuing an online art history degree at Sacramento City College. 

Time to catch everyone up on little stuff. Here is an example of a book and the fabric I used for wrapping eBay orders. So proud, I am hovering over 1,000 listings. Averaging $400 a month now. It is DEF worth the effort I put into it. 

I have been organizing the house, my office, and the She Shed.

Quilt books listed in crates, needle kits listed in the lined baskets,
and sewing patterns to be listed in the tub

Sewing patterns listed and some of the listed books

Needlekits and CDs to be listed

The week will be devoted to either listing or giving away fabric-related projects. The Mr. has advised the I have crossed the Hoarder Border Line. I have to remember that I have purchased nearly everything secondhand mainly benefiting the hospices. It won't hurt to let some of this stuff GO. The first few PIZB (projects in Ziploc bags) in view are keepers and have bumped everything else. 

One of my all-time best thrift shop finds was this Walking Company Traveler (not a paid promo). I use it nearly every day. 

The battle with the deer and other critters over my grapevines has nearly been won. Just waiting for them to ripen. 

Not a whole lot planned, maybe a skosh of thrifting, a nice dinner, and a some fine wine.

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  1. I used togo to TS...
    till I gotta lotta
    moolah. C'est la vie,
    n'est-ce pas, mes amies??
    (<- which is spelled fabulous-
    see why Im gifted?)
    So are allah these:
    ♡ ♡