Rehabilitating the Blocks for a Patriotic Quilt

Starting off with some quilting stuff. I had the good fortune of buying this set of 20 hand-pieced quilt blocks. Even though it isn't overtly patriotic, I think of them that way. Each block had to be rehabilitated. I had in my stash a piece of companion fabric. I employed the same method with another group of star blocks I adopted from the same thrift shop in Sutter Creek, California. I added fabric to the uneven ends and then squared them up to 14". I have five blocks of 4. 

This Mystery Quilter's handiwork deserved to be brought to fruition. This is my absolute favorite thing to do now - bring together another piecer's vision of a quilt. I get it, abandoning projects. Sometimes they need to be sent to the Great Thrift Shop Beyond. 

In my thrift shop wanderings I found these Watchover Voodoo dolls Princess Jasmine and Ballerina. They have joined my home office toy collection. 

My most favorite activity, thrift shopping, produced the usual suspects - CDs, sewing patterns and books. And books I have been listing! I am determined to move them out of my home office bedroom. Now that my eBay listings are 75 above 1,000, I am shooting for 2,000 listings by year's end. 

Sometimes a book will surprise me. Before I launch a listing, I check my competitor's pricing. This one listed out over $100, so I priced it at $85.

At first I thought these Lefton ceramic fish were intact but when I got them home, I realized they had been glued numerous times. Ah well, I will find a place for them. 

Another PBN has joined my collection, this one scored for $5. 
Even though I haven't really had a true vacation, it has been a delight not to work at my state job this past week. 


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