Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Reveling in the Escape from Captivity


Can you feel it? The general mood is pretty much ecstatic. Never again will we take for granted even the simplest things. I am itching to travel again and it has only been 2 months.

I have photoshopped myself onto a Florida Cypress Gardens lagoon image. I bought an armload of yard sale clothes priced at 50 cents each. This maxi dress with crocheted halter top was at the bottom of the heap. It is a keeper. 

I am applying for management level jobs with the state. Ones that aren't remote office. I cannot deny it. I miss Sacramento. With all of its trials and travails and the scores of homeless wandering the streets, I am still drawn to it. Even though working from home is easier on me, no brutal commute, I miss the people. I am also much less motivated at home because there are more distractions. 

Reseller update: Listings I have ended are children's wooden blocks, and a box of cashmere sweaters for crafting. While I still have a few random items on the board, I have narrowed down my specialties to sewing patterns, CDs (mainly Christmas), books and needle kits. I can make good money on unfinished quilt tops but they are few and far between. 

All of my books are listed. I have completed 200+ listings over the past 10 days. I want to test my theory that for each 1,000 listings it generates approximately $400 in income. 

Listing sewing patterns will dominate my life for the next couple of weeks. I want everything caught up for my art history class the middle of October. The unlisted CDs total around 500 or so. Round September or so, I will start listing Christmas CDs. They are consistent sellers into January. 

Back to my post title, how is the mood round where you live? 

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