Sunday, July 25, 2021

The Not-So-Western Quilt and Finally Found Dopey

Leading off with quilting stuff. I finished this quilt top from mystery quilter. The blocks were in such good shape, I had to do very little trimming and squaring up. I had just enuf of the blue and beige plaid woven for the borders. While others tend toward uber bright quilts in eye popping colors, I love these understated ones. I call it Not-So-Western because it isn't overtly Western but I think of it that way. 

I used the remnants to add the piano key borders, one of my favorite quilt top extending techniques. That is the creation I spun from the bag of 12 blocks and some remnants. 

Going through my quilting books for sale, I found this advice on storing quilts: You should roll or fold them and put them in cotton pillowcases. Occasionally re-fold them to avoid fold lines. Do not store in plastic bags as air circulation is essential. On that note, I intend on moving my PIZB (projects in Ziploc bags) to different storage containers. Lastly, do not store unwrapped quilts directly on wooden shelves as chemicals in the timber can stain the fabric.  

The Western quilt fits in with my Western Art and hunting trophy filled living room. The Sodbusters has joined my collection of Western Art. A small 5x7 piece that looks to be a watercolor. How could I pass it up at $2.99?

I told myself I wouldn't buy any more records. Fat lot of luck that did. 10 more came home with me. Three LPs that I picked up at a yard sale were $1 each, and the quilting books were all free. I find by Day 2 at a late afternoon 100 degree day yard sale, they are ready to give stuff away. 

The last of the needlekits went up for sale. I may segue out of that category, one of the smaller profit margin products. 

Dwarves are in the tub. I picked up all but Dopey at a bin diving event. Finally found him, a very dirty Dopey, and now I have all 7. 

On the job front, I have thrown my hat in for 6 applications now with different departments with the state. Hoping to go back in office, or at least a hybrid of that and remote. Fingers crossed. 

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