Thursday, July 29, 2021

Just When You Think It is Over and Over Again

Back to wearing a mask inside of buildings. We had a couple of months reprieve here in Caleeforneeya. As a state employee, I was also required to provide proof of COVID vaccination. In May, I was able to visit my 93-year old mother in assisted living. They are back in lockdown with one resident testing positive. 

It really doesn't surprise me. In fact, I expected things would go sideways again. At least businesses aren't being closed down and children can return to school. 

And on to bigger and better things - reselling! 😁 Shortly after I finished listing my death pile of sewing patterns, I bought 83 more, all uncut! If each one sells at $12 each, that is $996!!! Now, they usually don't all sell at that price, as I take whatever a buyer will offer. 

What do you do when it is HOT outside and the air is filled with smoke from wildfires? You list stuff for sale on eBay!

Jumping into the subject of quilting, sometimes you just don't like what you've put together and a project stalls. That is the case with this one. I think I used "marginal" fabric to match up these blocks. I am going to remove what I have done and start over. 

That has been my experience of late, having to do something over and over again. There must be some bad juju happening with the planets right now. Is Mercury in retrograde or something? 

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