Sunday, August 1, 2021

I Have Shopped the Thrift Stores Dry

I made the round of my 4 local thrift shops and came home empty-handed. One shop, which will remain unnamed, make up their own rules for their sales. Once I drove all the way up there for an oil on canvas hydrangea painting and was told it was full price on their half off sale. Same thing this weekend, anything under $1 was not half off. So the quilting books and sewing patterns I had chosen, all $1 each, were not half off. I told the cashier, "thanks, but no thanks," and left the lot on the counter. 

Other times, I pass things by that I should have bought. I hesitated on this oil on canvas priced at $24.99 at hospice thrift.  Even if I wanted to resell it, I probably wouldn't have made much profit. 1967 flowers in his hair didn't quite fit in with my decor. I regret not adopting him though. 

I went out of county for sourcing and found the usual suspects: sewing patterns and CDs. My regular readers know that the last product I had been hiding in all sorts of places were books. With those finally listed, CDs are now overflowing from the nooks and crannies. Those on eBay now, I will have to edit each CD listing by either combining into lots, keeping as high dollar single sales, or thrifting them back altogether. 

This yard sale find outfit at 50 cents each piece was from a few weeks ago. The Free People graduated color jeans fit perfectly along with the Taylor and Sage top. A keeper outfit I normally wouldn't pick out for myself. 
Still playing around with photoshopping. So much easier to put in my own background than try and find the appropriate setting in high temperature weather. 

Ending the post with a Pattern of the Day, a 1966 McCall's.

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