Does Anyone Knit Anymore?

The Mr. and I have decided to sell the She Shed Trailer. That means ALL of that product has to be moved to a new location. I began by finally getting all of the books off of the trailer floor and in alpha order onto shelving. 

I pulled the non-movers from the book listings on eBay. Thus, my blog title - Does Anyone Knit Anymore? I really don't see a lot of knitted items on trend. I do see crocheted granny square type items though. I also pulled the jewelry-making books. The vintage 1970s craft/needlework/decor books went back into my library. The last to go from the books for sale were the ones on Vietnam. I still have a couple of the military-related ones on the boards but that genre is not really my bailiwick.

Next steps are moving sewing patterns to wire rack shelving. I will have to engage in another sewing pattern session to get the remainder of these 100 or so listed (until I find more!)

Just when I thought I had my quilt book collection under control, I discovered more books squirreled away in two different places. To my relief, I found the yarn for a tapestry I have had in the crafting queue for over 30 years. I thought in my quest to rid myself of extra stuff, I might have given away the kit. Thankfully, I had restrained myself and the yarn is now reunited with the canvas. 

I have always been a fan of puzzles and have been acquiring a few at thrift so I can work on them when I retire. I don't mind that I gave away some very nice puzzles many years ago. I like to work on new ones, and this vintage purse one will surely entertain me. 

I've got a lot of work ahead of me for that push into the holiday season. There are the aforementioned sewing patterns, quilt books, Christmas CDs, regular CDs, and Boy/Girl Scout items - in that order to be listed. 

My sales fund my travel to see my mom, and my art history classes at the community college. My 90-day total is over $2,200, with 1,300+ active listings.  


Sumac said…
knitting is still popular. Check for the knitters

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