Wishing Fall Were in the Air

Hi-dee-ho This date has been branded - National Thrift Shop Day!

A favorite past-time of mine that allows me to decorate my home with original art, compile quilts from other's pieced patchwork blocks, and make a decent supplemental income. 

Costume sewing patterns are always popular. Here are a few from my recent eBay listings to whet your appetite for Halloween.




In my quest to cull itty bitty pieces of remnant fabric from life, I discovered yet another bag I had squirreled away. This thrifted graphic t-shirt fits right in. 
Another eBay milestone - I passed the 1,300 listings mark. I hope to have 1,500 listings by the end of September (perhaps sooner). It takes a lot of work, but once those listings are up, it is just a matter of mailing out and collecting 💲💲💲

Ending the post with one of my fav recent songs


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